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Photograph by George Hoyningen-Huene from Harper’s Bazaar, March 1944.


X is the most tragic letter; two lines are destined to cross path, but then depart and never meet again.

—The point they met is the brightest moment of their lives. 

I saw that quote online awhile a go (and it was in Chinese), thought that it describes them too perfectly (and X men…X…). Doodled this a while ago too and forgot to post it.

The Way Way Back (2013)


Issey Miyake S/S 1999

Almost Famous (2000)




More photos from the most wonderful place I’ve ever been. The abandoned stowe mansion was my favorite place to wonder to. 

Under race he wrote, “human.”
Under color, “seasonal―oyster white to beige.”
Marlon Brando filling out a standard autobiographical questionnaire (via brandomarlons)






Why Tumblr should Fall In Love with Frida Kahlo.


i love everything about this because i love frida kahlo, but how are you going to not list the fact she was in a horrible bus accident that basically crippled her for most of her life and while lying bedridden she began to paint. frida kahlo didn’t give up and that makes her truly amazing.

Also her bus accident made her unable to have children (she became pregnant three times and had to terminate them due to her condition) which was a huge source of pain for her and many of her paintings depict the enormous physical, emotional and mental suffering she was in (see: columna rota). She was badass but also had a lot of struggle in her life, which was a huge part of who she was and how she viewed the world.

to say she couldnt care less about what people thought of her is an understatement. even though people thought her natural unibrow and moustache were ugly, she embraced them and even darkened them with makeup. honestly the greatest woman.


Alvin Langdon Coburn (1882-1966), Woman in a Kimono with Sunflower, 1908